The School of Management, IT and Governance recently launched its first after hours Master of Commerce programme at the Howard College campus.                                   

The idea of turning the masters programme into an after-hours course was proposed when it became clear that many students who need what is offered in the full-time programme could not attend lectures during the day.

 Now that the programme‚Äôs hours have been extended to between 18h00 and 21h00, it is attracting about 70 students, compared to a maximum of 10 previously.                                                        

Areas of specialisation for the programme are;

(1)         Human Resources Management and Development

(2)         Industrial Relations and Employee Relations

(3)         Management

(4)         Marketing Management

(5)         Information Systems and Technology (to be added next semester)

These programmes are in demand because industry and the workplace in general require their staff to specialise at this level and acquire the latest skills and competencies. The School of Management, IT and Governance, plans to turn this programme into one of the flagship offerings for the School, extending it outside the ambit of the eThekwini Metropolitan area.

Introducing a block release based programme and utilising some of the technologies for advanced Higher Education and learning in order to make this a reality will happen next semester and may be extended to the Pietermaritzburg campus.

Students will be able to access their modules and complete their assignments online following the attendance of a compulsory block release programme. The School intends to continue being the leader for the dynamic development and offering of highly sought after and specialised programmes in Management and Information Systems and IT Management in South Africa.
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