The global need for pollution-free environment policies led to School of Accounting, Economics and Finance Lecturer Dr Gerry Bokana presenting a paper at the International Journal of Art and Sciences (IJAS) International Conference for Academic Disciplines at Harvard University in the United States recently.

The five-day conference was attended by more than 500 scholars and researchers from various disciplines and academic institutions. Topics discussed at the conference were in the fields of social sciences and humanities, business and economics, teaching and education, and
science and technology.

Bokana’s paper was titled: “Pigovian Tax Dynamics and Net Income Earnings in Commercial Timber Plantations in South Africa: A GAMS Analysis”. The research aims to address the lack of studies that specify methods for calculations of the impact of Pigovian taxes on the competitiveness of businesses.

Using a General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS), the research models the impact of potential Pigovian tax dynamics on net-income earnings in the commercial plantations sector as an addition to the limited literature.

Bokana said the conference provided networking opportunities which were vital for UKZN as they led to strategic linkages with other institutions.

‘The conference provided a platform to stimulate intellectual interests, share research, and exchange experiences with the global community of scholars and receive constructive criticism and feedback. It was also an opportunity for me to get to know international scholars and strengthen networks with them with a view to enhancing my contribution to UKZN.’

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