Music students from the School of Arts were recently provided with a platform to create their own concept for a lunch hour concert when they choreographed and composed original material for large audiences at the Howard College Theatre.

‘For performance students, a platform like this to present creative talents to the public is an opportunity to share and grow and increase their performance and presentation skills.  It also gives them an opportunity to work on their own in the challenging tasks of drawing up a concept, running rehearsals and presenting a professional output at the end,’ said Music Lecturer, Dr Patricia Opondo.

The show IZWI LEMBOKODO (women’s voice) looked at issues facing both the old generation and new generation of African women. Every piece performed such as a praise poem about women and even a modern dance ensemble looked at issues, including rape and abuse, facing modern women.

Music student Mr Nhlakanipho Ngcobo was happy the audiences enjoyed the performances. ‘These events are not just about entertaining - they also educate youngsters about our history, about gender roles, equality and human rights. These events also make us aim to be better performers and help us learn the skill of entertaining and educating at the same time,’ he said.

On 13 October, the School of Arts will showcase the annual African Cultural Calabas which is being organised by third year students from the African Music and Dance programme. There will also be a year-end African Music Ensemble Concert on 22 October  at the Howard College Theatre.

author email : mungroo@ukzn.ac.za