Ms Rashmika Singh graduated summa cum laude with her BSc Honours in Statistics, along the way receiving six Certificates of Merits from her seven modules and the highest mark for her Honours project. Her dissertation titled “Modeling Survival Data with an Application to Criminal Recidivism”, was supervised by Mr Jordache Ramjith.

The project considered two primary methods of analysis, which were the Kaplan-Meier method and the Cox Proportional Hazards method. Singh’s project was subsequently entered into the annual South African Statistics Association (SASA) National Project competition, the results of which are expected to be released in June 2013. From 2008 to 2012 she was funded by Investec Bank and in addition received funding from the National Research Foundation.

According to Ramjith, Singh is a hardworking and disciplined student. ‘She shows extreme dedication and passion towards any project that she undertakes,’ he said.

This year Singh is pursuing her Masters in Statistics in the area of Survival Analysis with particular application to HIV, jointly supervised by Ramjith and Professor Glenda Matthews. 

Singh said she relocated to Durban in 2008 to pursue her studies. ‘The journey has not always been easy, living alone, away from home and studying, but through it I have gained independence and a greater sense of what I can achieve. Only hard work, dedication and support helped me to achieve the successful completion of my Honours degree,’ she said.

Singh described the 2012 year as ‘one of the most fulfilling years of my academic journey thus far’.

‘I would like to acknowledge my parents, family, friends, sponsors and everybody in the Statistics Department for their assistance, support and encouragement,’ she said.

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