Mathematics boff Dr Chris Pritchard of Scotland gave two stimulating public presentations at the Mathematics and Computer Science Cluster on the Edgewood campus recently.

The presentations were titled: “A Tour around the Geometry of a Cyclic Quadrilateral, and A Square Peg in a Round Hole”.

Pritchard is a prominent figure in mathematics education internationally and has written about 130 articles on mathematics education.

He is probably most well-known for editing the influential 2003 book: The Changing Shape of Geometry, published by Cambridge University Press and the Mathematical Association of America.

He has spoken on aspects of elementary mathematics, mathematics education and the history of mathematics at conferences around Britain and in the United States.

Pritchard also edits two of the three journals for high school Mathematics teachers in Britain, one of which, Mathematics in School, is well known in English-speaking countries.

He sits on the Scottish Mathematical Council as well as on the Council of The Mathematical Association (MA), for which he has chaired its increasingly influential Teaching Committee, a body that writes policy for the MA and produces evidence for government consideration.

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