The Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA) Conference hosted by the School of Law on the Howard College campus created a platform for law students in the Commonwealth to engage on diverse legal education issues.

Students from several Higher Education institutions in Commonwealth countries made presentations on a variety of themes.

UKZN’s Mr Nikhiel Deeplal addressed the topic: “Effective changes in Human rights: Exposing the reality of human rights when teaching in Commonwealth and Common Law countries”.

Deeplal’s presentation looked at what was the best approach to use when teaching human rights as a module at law school. He said human rights should be a compulsory module taught at more than a theoretical level.

‘We need to make the realities of human rights violations applicable to our lives and teach the subject in a way that we can apply it. We live our comfortable lives oblivious to human rights violations taking place,’ said Deeplal.

‘When studying the subject we must look at mass human rights violations across the globe and make students understand the impact of such violations.

‘Students must be informed of human rights violations taking place outside their countries. Being exposed to the realities of such violations would conscientise students to take action against this type of abuse.’

Ms Meera Mathew, an LLB student from the Indian Law Institute in New Delhi, India, addressed the conference on the topic: “Encouraging Human Rights Teaching in Commonwealth and other Common Law countries”.

The Dean of Law at UKZN, Professor Managay Reddi, addressed students at the Conference urging them to use the event as a platform to interact with peers and academics in the area of human rights and legal education.

‘Make the most of the opportunities coming your way. Your presence here shows your commitment to your studies and career. Your contributions we hope will be converted into journal articles which will reach others out there,’ said Reddi.

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