The Society of Commons, a non-partisan organisation which seeks to provide pedagogical space to aspiring social intellectual workers, was launched recently on the Howard College campus.

The event was well attended with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the College of Humanities, Professor Cheryl Potgieter, welcoming all students and the event’s guest speaker, Professor Steven Friedman of the University of Johannesburg.

‘This is the start of something great where researchers, staff and students come together and critically engage with pertinent issues,’ said Potgieter.

To kick-start the launch there was a riveting debate around Constitutional Democracy followed by other issues, such as democratic consolidation, being discussed by Friedman.

Sociology and Labour Studies student, Mr Molaodi Sekake, said the Society of Commons aimed to transform the realities that reproduced oppressive structures of society through problematising the relationship between the ‘reproduction of dependent hierarchies of power and privilege in the domain of everyday life.

‘We seek to foster the understanding of the socio-political contexts of “educative” and “discursive” acts, and the importance of radically democratising the intellectual plane to represent the economically disenfranchised. It is thus a factory floor of “transformative intellectuals” in the realm of academia. And we welcome all students and staff to engage with us,’ he said.

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