A stellar display of practical investing presented by Masters of Business Administration 3 students impressed a panel of judges comprising experts in the business sector.

As part of the Investment and Portfolio Management module, 50 students - divided into groups headed Future Index, Interest Swaps, Yield X Stock Brokers, Commodity Forward Asset Trading and Forex Options Investments - were allocated a virtual R1 million to buy and sell shares over a period of 42 days.

Putting the theoretical knowledge they learned in class into practice, the students had to explain the rationale behind their investment decision. 

The judging panel comprised the Head of Marketing at KwaZulu-Natal Music House, Mr Thabang Mofokeng, and former Managing Director of Inqaba Trade & Logistics (Pty) Ltd, Advocate Sipho Mkhize and Mr Preggy Reddy.

Mofokeng, who quizzed the groups on the yard stick they used whilst investing and how they influenced the outcomes, said  he had been highly impressed by the thought process and analysis used by the students.

‘They displayed the practical investment acumen used daily in the investment game. They thoroughly investigated investment mechanisms, risks and repercussions which is the core of the business world,’ he said.

Although all of the groups made compelling arguments for their investment decision, it was the Yield X Stock Brokers who were crowned the winners.

Group leader Lee Moodley said the assignment had been an enriching experience. ‘It was a very informative and practical experience and as individuals we learnt a lot. The only downside was that we had limited exposure in trying to understand how to invest as we had limited time to study the markets but that was also a learning curve to prepare us for the workplace.’

Lecturer, Mr Steven Msomi said that through such creative initiatives, the GSB&L is able to groom and shape thought leaders who are adequately equipped to tackle and make a valuable contribution to the business world. 

‘The groups’ presentation on their share valuation philosophy and practice has always been the highlight of this module. It is exciting that each year we do these presentations, the students keep raising the bar. Based on the report that we have received from both the student community and the judges, the presentations were a resounding success. The value-add for an MBA degree stretches far beyond theories and concepts, hence the practical trading exercise is the highlight of the course for the students,' he said.

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