College of Health Sciences Public Relations Officer and UKZN alumnus Mr Lunga Memela has been awarded a scholarship to read for an MA in Art, Literature and Society at Maastricht University in The Netherlands.

Memela, who completed his undergraduate degree at UKZN followed by an Honours degree in Cultural and Media Studies from the Centre for Communication, Media and Society (CCMS), cut his teeth at the CCMS during his honours year. ‘I tutored, worked as a Research Assistant and also wrote for the CCMS student publication, SUBtext, during my Honours year. I think this stood me in good stead in what became my subsequent years as a communications practitioner at the University.’

His high level of academic achievement and expertise in his field won him the prestigious SAVUSA (South Africa – VU University Amsterdam – Strategic Alliances) SKILL scholarship. The full-scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, a stipend, airfares and funding for a replacement PRO at the College of Health Sciences.

Memela, a member of UKZN’s Golden Key International Honour Society, offers the following advice for students looking to study abroad: ‘A lot of students would love to go abroad but they don’t take advantage of the various opportunities at their disposal.  From my interviews with jet-setting students and academics, one of the cheapest ways one can do this is by working diligently to achieve good marks from your undergraduate years.

‘Universities and their stakeholders offer numerous international scholarships and bursaries available to hard workers. It is up to the student to keep an eye out for the opportunities and to make sure they apply timeously,’ said Memela.

‘The exciting thing about furthering your studies is that it can open doors you never even imagined existed. My entire Masters experience has been made possible by UKZN and SAVUSA through the SKILL Programme. I am very grateful to have been awarded the scholarship.’

Memela, who completed his schooling at Port Shepstone High School, is looking forward to the experience of traveling, making new friends and furthering his education. ‘I am thankful the College of Health Sciences allowed me to take the year off to pursue the Masters and to focus on studying. It’s a rare opportunity!’

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