AFRICA CENTRE’S IMPILO YAMADODA PROJECT HOLDS MEN’S HEALTH FAIR Young men from across the Hlabisa area in Northern KwaZulu-Natal were invited to Mgeza on August 29 to participate in a health fair that was part of UKZN’s Africa Centre’s Impilo Yamadoda project to find out what types of HIV prevention and health research interest young Zulu men.
In total 130 men attended. Throughout the day they were treated to presentations from representatives of the six organisations that volunteered their time to provide health education information specific to young men’s needs.
Mr Scelo Mngomezulu from Hlabisa Hospital discussed the importance of Medical Male Circumcision in preventing HIV. Reverend MT Biyase and Ms Ncengani Mthethwa of Umkhumbi kaNkulunkulu encouraged spiritual guidance in health decision-making. The Hlabisa HIV Treatment and Care Programme, in which the Africa Centre is a partner, discussed different HIV treatment options, demonstrated to young men the correct way to use condoms, and offered HIV testing through one of their mobile clinics.
EMRS’s Mr Njokweni came with several representatives to discuss the best ways to respond to medical emergencies in the community. Captain Mdletshe represented the SAPS and discussed community policing and the variety of employment opportunities in the organisation. Ms Zanele Zulu from KwaMsane Department of Social Development responded to a variety of questions about employment and tackled other topics on how men could improve the health and well-being of their families. Participating organisations and participants alike hailed the day as a great success. 

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