MANAGEMENT STUDIES ACADEMICS SHARE NEW IDEAS ABOUT TEACHING AND LEARNING In an attempt to create dialogue among academics and to share new ideas the Faculty of Management Studies held a Teaching Day on September 16 for its academics.

Teaching staff from a range of Schools shared aspects of their teaching practice and their research into teaching and learning issues. Co-ordinator of the proceedings, Dr Caroline Goodier from the Education Unit said that the aim of the day was for academics to showcase their teaching and learning research as well as share among themselves their experiences in the classroom. “It is important to make a space like this for academics to talk about teaching and learning.”  She added that there are many people that are doing exciting work and what was showcased on the day was just the tip of the iceberg.

Presentations included information on new technology innovations; a SIFE student presentation; an evaluation of student support in the diverse classroom; building community through social partnerships around further education and training; assessment by means of multiple choice questions; and podcasting. A round table discussion also took place about the place of research in teaching.

Academics shared ideas on different ways to engage students.  These include group work, DVDs, business presentations, linking practical research with theory, multimedia materials and e-learning.

The presentation by Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE), run by students aimed at developing financial understanding among students, showcased the work that students are involved in using theory acquired in the classroom. The UKZN team recently took third place in the national presentations.  The group has 25 projects, six of which were incepted this year.

The day ended with discussion of some of the themes that had emerged and with the suggestion that this sort of event should take place more frequently.

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