Developing practical solutions which help curb the devastating environmental crisis has given rise to the creation of niche campaigns, including Greenpeace Africa’s, Use Me More, which aims to promote the use of renewable energy.


Greenpeace Africa’s team of volunteers and activists visited UKZN’s Howard College, Westville and Pietermaritzburg campuses between October 11 and 13 in a bid to continue raising awareness about alternative energy options.


Greenpeace is a movement formed in 1971 by a group of people outraged by the intention of the United States government to do nuclear testing at Amchitka near Alaska. It’s a non-profit organisation using peaceful demonstrations and creative communication initiatives to solve environmental issues.


Today, Greenpeace Africa is actively working in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Senegal - countries which have serious environmental issues, affecting the entire continent, including climate change, over-fishing and the mass destruction of rain forests.


The organisaton’s objective to promote informed debate about societal environmental choices requires an effective campaign which was developed under the banner: Use Me More. The campaign’s message is simple: Ask the government to switch from fossil fuel to cleaner renewable energy.


The visual impact of the campaign is colourfully illustrated through signage which features an animated smiling, bright yellow sun and a grey-blue bubble-shaped wind character with the words Use Me More above the illustration. This message was displayed in the mobile campaigns held on the UKZN campuses where Greenpeace's pro-renewable energy petition was signed by supportive students.


The passionate volunteers and activists showcased hands-on alternative energy sources which are inexpensive on a long-term basis while informing students about the organisation’s core activities.

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